Irion County ISD is committed to providing educational opportunities for all students, that will meet individual needs and abilities.  Students are encouraged by the district staff to strive for academic excellence.

                Gifted and talented students are given opportunities to excel in their educational experience through services provided by Irion County ISD.  Enhancing the ability of students to think, reason, judge, invent, create, or lead through the educational process will help develop them personally and socially in preparation for their future as profitable members of our community, state, and nation.



                Gifted and talented students are children and youth with outstanding talent who perform or show potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared with others of their age, experience, or environment.  These children and youth exhibit high performance capability in intellectual, creative, and/or artistic areas, possess an unusual leadership capacity, and/or excel in specific academic fields.

                                                                Texas Education Code, 21.651 (Subchapter Q)



                Gifted and talented students in Irion County ISD are those who, through a screening and selection process, are identified as having potential to excel in two or more of the following areas:  (1)  general intellectual abilities; (2)  specific subject matter aptitude; (3)  creative and productive thinking ability.

                Students in the gifted and talented program will be identified from the general school population and will reflect the socioeconomic and ethnic groups represented in Irion County ISD.



              Students who participate in services designed for gifted students will demonstrate skills in self-directed learning, thinking, research, and communication as evidenced by the development of innovative products and performances that are advanced in relation to students of similar age, experience, or environment and reflect individuality and creativity.  High school graduates who have participated in services for gifted students will have produced products and performances that approximate professional quality as part of their program services.



               Gifted and talented students will select various themes for self-directed study and investigation.  This process of study and investigation of the chosen themes will be relevant to their giftedness and will encourage the use of higher-level thinking skills.

                Gifted and talented students will use appropriate process skills to gain an in-depth understanding of information.

                Gifted and talented students will produce original work to demonstrate knowledge and skills from the information gained in their study.

                Gifted and talented students will develop self-directed learning skills.




                Irion County ISD Gifted and Talented Program will use demographic information to evaluate and monitor population groups in order to ensure representative students have access to assessment for program services.

                Gifted and talented students will be monitored for success in core knowledge and skills by using fall semester and year-end grades, standardized test scores, and TAKS scores.  This is also noted as a general curriculum issue.

                People who are knowledgeable in their respective fields will monitor the students’ products and performance in order to evaluate their successful attainment of the Gifted and Talented student program goals.

                Other appropriate evaluation instruments will be used to assess student performance.



                Students participating in the Gifted and Talented Program and their parents will have an opportunity to evaluate the program by completing a survey during the spring semester. The results will be used to address improvement/modification of the Gifted and Talented Program in campus and district plans.

                The Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented students and the Irion County  Independent School District Gifted and Talented Plan will be monitored annually.  The Irion County ISD will modify its plan in order to ensure compliance with state guidelines and to strive toward recognized/exemplary status.




                Any student in grades K-12 may be nominated for assessment in order to participate in the Irion County  Gifted and Talented Program.  Nominations may come from parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, or other interested persons.  The person nominating a student must complete a Gifted and Talented Nomination Form in order for a student to be considered for the program.  A student may nominate himself/herself by creating a product portfolio which will be evaluated prior to nomination.

                For students in Kindergarten, they will be nominated and if identified, placed in the Gifted and Talented program during the spring semester, no later than March 1.  Any student in grades 1-12 may be nominated no later than March 1.



                Since giftedness can develop in many different areas, it is difficult to assess through any single method or instrument.  Each student that has been nominated will be assessed through the use of both subjective and objective criteria.  This criteria will be weighted equally and may include the following:  teacher inventory, parent inventory, recent achievement test scores, student portfolios, and various assessments specifically created to evaluate intellect, creativity, and academic ability.

                Students who speak a primary language other than English will be evaluated in their primary language.

                Before a student may be assessed, there must be a Parent Permission for assessment signed by their parent or guardian.



                A Student Summary Profile will be completed for each area of evaluation when a student is tested for the Gifted and Talented Program.

                A student will qualify for gifted and talented services if he/she scores on or above the district line on the Profile in a minimum of two areas.  The district line is representative of the Excellent or Superior category.

                A District Placement Committee comprised of at least three education professionals with at least 30 hours of gifted and talented training, will be responsible for placing students in the Irion County Gifted and Talented Program after careful review of the Student Summary Profiles.  A letter of the student’s placement or non-placement will be sent to the student’s parents or guardians.



                New students who enter Irion County ISD during the school year will be eligible to be nominated for evaluation according to the guidelines for Nomination Procedures.


                Students who transfer from another district and have been identified through that district’s criteria as gifted and talented will not be automatically placed in the Irion County ISD’s G/T Program.  They are eligible to be nominated for evaluation after a parent consent for evaluation has been received.  Each district develops its own definition of gifted and talented and uses its own criteria for placement.  Evaluation through the Irion County Gifted and Talented Program’s criteria will ensure a proper placement for the student.

                The evaluation of a gifted/talented transfer student will be made during his/her first six weeks of attendance at Irion County ISD.  If the student’s former school used similar criteria for evaluation, the information may be transferred to the Student Profile in order to prevent duplication of testing.  After the assessment, the usual procedures will be followed by the Placement Committee.






                No student will be allowed to participate in the Gifted and Talented Program without written consent of his/her parent or guardian.  A Parent Consent for Participation Form will accompany the Placement Committee’s announcement of student placement.  It will be understood that the student will have consent to participate in the Gifted and Talented Program when the form is signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the G/T Coordinator.  Services to the student will continue until the parent/guardian presents a written revocation or the student is furloughed/exited from the program.



                The decision to participate or not participate in the Gifted and Talented Program rests with the student and his/her parent or guardian, once the Placement Committee has made its recommendation for placement.  If for any reason a parent/guardian of a student does not wish their student to participate in the program, they may elect not to sign the Consent for Participation.  If the student has been in the program, a parent/guardian may revoke, in writing, the Consent for Participation.

                A student in the Gifted and Talented Program will not be reassessed, however, they will be monitored to ensure appropriate services.  At times, it may not be in the child’s best interest to continue participation in the G/T classes; for example, experiencing emotional stress.  Nonparticipation should not be viewed negatively.  A parent/guardian may request a furlough until the student is again able to benefit from G/T instruction.  (Due to the nature of high school honor’s classes, the student would be transferred to a regular class for the remainder of the year.)



                If a student’s performance and participation in a G/T pull-out class is unsatisfactory for a six week period, a conference including the student, his/her parent or guardian, and the G/T teacher will be held.  The purpose of the meeting will be to assess the student’s behavior and performance and to develop an improvement plan which will specify desired changes.  The plan will be signed by all members involved in the conference.  The student will be responsible to meet the requirements of the improvement plan during the next six weeks.

                If a student’s performance/participation during any six week period following the improvement plan is unsatisfactory, another meeting will be held to discuss furlough from the program.  The decision to place a student on furlough or dismiss him/her permanently from participation in the G/T program is the responsibility of the Placement Committee.


    When considering a furlough, the Placement Committee will consider the following questions:

    1.  What is the most appropriate educational placement for this student at this time?

                2.  Is the Gifted/Talented Program detrimental to the student?

                            a.  Is the student experiencing undue stress due to program participation?

                            b.  Is the competition in the program too demanding for the student at this time?

                            c.  Is the subject matter and difficulty of material appropriate for the student’s

                                 abilities and educational development?

                3.  Do teachers and parent have the following misconceptions about the gifted?

                            a.  Gifted student should be making straight A’s.

                            b.  Gifted students should be model students and never present discipline


                            c.  Gifted students should be able to keep up with all their work and never get


                            d.  Gifted students should excel in all subject areas.



                APPEAL PROVISION

       A decision of non-placement made by the Placement Committee may be appealed by a student’s parent or guardian.  A conference between the person making an appeal and the G/T Coordinator will be held during which all evaluation records will be reviewed and discussed.  If a person making the appeals disagrees with the Placement Committee after this conference, an appeal before the committee may be requested as follows: 

    1.    The person making the appeal must submit a request by letter for a hearing by the committee no later than ten days after the committee has announced its placement decision.

    2.    The committee must respond by letter to the person making the appeal no later than ten days after the receipt of the letter of appeal.  The committee’s letter will specify the day and time of the hearing before the committee.

    3.    Following the hearing before the committee, if the person making the appeal disagrees with the committee’s decision and wishes to make another appeal, the person must follow the district’s local policies governing appeals in accordance with FNG (local) beginning at Level Two.


       Irion County ISD provides a program to serve students who are gifted in the areas of general intellectual ability, specific subject matter aptitude, and/or creative and productive thinking.