Tutor Pace recently launched a new diagnostic tool that covers both SAT and ACT tests for students to practice before appearing for their exam. It is a most comprehensive and powerful tool to find out students strengths and weaknesses which actually help teachers and students to know where the students are struggling.
     How It Works: Duo Linguo is a free website and app for learning languages for kids and adults. It offers courses in Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Italian. Kids can progress through a series of lessons at their skill level.
    Beginner: Students can use the apps to do lessons disguised as games. In each lesson, players get four “lives.” Get an answer wrong, you lose a life. Run out, start the lesson over again.
    Expert: Have students work in groups to compete for the most points!
     How It Works: Using this computer tool, students create avatars on their class page and earn points and badges for positive behavior.
    Beginner: Use Class Dojo’s information as a way for students to explain their behavior to their parents during conferences.
    Expert: Use Class Dojo to organize students into groups, then stage a competition to see which group can perform the best based on your class rules or character trait of the week.
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    How do you integrate Common Core State Standards in the math classroom? How do you engage your students and increase interest in math? XP Math features fun and educational math games for Grades 2-9. Mental mathematics is a component of the Common Core Mathematical Practices and XP Math Games makes it easy to support it. XP Math allows teachers to differentiate instruction by process and content by providing tools to collect and analyze student data at every stage of their learning.