• Coach Flowers IC


    Students and parents,  

    We are moving History classes online as we work to continue education in this time of social distancing. For the time being, we will be using Microsoft Teams to access assignments and communicate back and forth about your course work.  

    See the steps for accessing Teams below.  

    This platform allows for a back-and-forth student teacher communication in the “posts” section and one-on-one communication within your individual assignments. Please remember to keep your posts to a minimum and focus on schoolwork. This is not intended to be a social media platform.  

    I will be posting assignments on Monday of each week. You are expected to complete the week’s assignments by Friday. Feel free to contact me with questions about your work. Office hours are 9:00 to 2:00 Monday thru Friday. I can be reached at bflowers@irion-isd.org and (830-719-3596).  


    Coach Flowers


    How to get to Coach Flowers' Online Classroom if you have never used Teams before:  

    1. Go to Office 365 Login (type it in your search engine or use office.com
    2. Click Sign in. 
    3. Enter your school assigned email address. (For most students this is your first initial and last name @irion-isd.org) 
      1. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL OR PASSWORD: contact Mr. Flores at rflores@irion-isd.organd request yours. 
    4. Enter your school assigned password. 
    5. Click Sign in. 
    6. Click on the blue Teams link at the top of the page. 
    7. Read the weekly assignments and messages posted to your “Post” tab. 
    8. Use the “Assignments” tab to access and submit work. 
      1. Be certain to click “Turn in” when you have completed an assignment. 
    9. Check back for feedback on graded assignments.