• Board of Trustee

    Mission Statement:
    Irion County ISD believes that all students will learn and be successful. Our school's purpose is to educate all students to challenging levels of academic performance, while fostering wellness and positive growth in social/emotional behaviors and attitudes. Irion County ISD is responsible for preparing its students to be productive in an ever-changing society.


    Vicente O. Flores -  President

    Chad Casey - Vice President

    Maegin Carlile- Secretary

    Ricky Rey

    Wade Miller

    Tom Mase

    Irion County ISD will have:
    Student Achievement- Irion County ISD will provide an educational program that is student-centered and academically focused to meet the individual needs of all students. Irion County ISD students will continue to be taught by a highly qualified staff, with all necessary resources and collaboration opportunities available.
    Facilities- Irion County ISD will have facilities, equipment, and grounds that are clean, safe, and promote community and school pride. Special attention will be given to completion of recent facility improvements and long-range plans to meet future district needs.
    Community Relations- Irion County ISD will communicate with all stakeholders to ensure that parents and community members will be partners in the education of all students in ICISD. The district will continue to provide programs that promote school unity through the fostering of spirit, pride, character, and tradition of excellence in both school and community.
    Technology- Irion County ISD will utilize the latest technology and analyze future technology needs to support and enhance academic instruction, management of administrative services, and outreach to the community.