21-22 Dual Credit Meeting Notes:
    Howard College Side                    Irion County Side
    Classes currently offered by HOWARD COLLEGE BIG SPRING through IRION COUNTY HS:
    High School Credit
    .5 credits each

    College Credit 3 hours each

    Grade Level

    TSI Benchmark Required

     SPCH 1315 Jr, Sr


    US History Semester A
     HIST 1301 Fall Jr ELAR
    US History Semester B  HIST 1302 Spring Jr ELAR
    English IV Semester A  ENGL 1301 Fall Sr ELAR
    English IV Semester B
     ENGL 1302 Spring Sr ELAR
     Sociology  SOCI 1301 Jr, Sr ELAR
    College Algebra MATH 1314 Fall Sr Math
    TX Government GOVT 2306 Fall Sr ELAR
    Federal Government  GOVT 2305 Spring Sr ELAR
     Psychology  PSYC 2301 Jr, Sr ELAR
     Multimedia  IMED 1345  Fall Grade10 & above None
    British Literature ENGL 2322 Senior making 3+ on AP Exam ELAR
    British Literature II ENGL 2323 Senior making 4 on AP Exam ELAR
     Web Design  IMED 1316 Spring Grade 10 & above None
    All of these classes, except IMED 1316, IMED 1345, & MATH 1314, 
    may require tuition to be paid to Howard College by the student! 
    For more information regarding TSI Benchmarks please visit...Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Information
    Grades for Dual Credit Courses are factored into ICHS GPA for ranking purposes weighted at 1.25.
    Howard College Dual Credit has a new page with all the new information and links....
    If it is your first time to take Dual Credit you must apply at Apply Texas......instructions are here at the Howard College Dual Credit website.....https://howardcollege.edu/academics/dual-credit/
     Be certain to add your Social Security Number to your Apply Texas application. Contact Ms. Rutherford before you start if you do not have access to your Social Security Number. Also, use the "search" feature to find ICHS... In the "School" box type "Irion" and then "Mertzon" for the city... ICHS should pop up for you to select.
    If you have completed the Apply Texas app or have previously taken a dual credit class at Howard College, you will also need to complete these TWO forms...
    Dual Credit Frequently Asked Questions provided by Texas Education Agency
    Howard College Drop Slip PDF Download
    How to pay ONLINE through MYHC and Campus Connect
    Irion County ISD's Dual Credit Memorandum of Understanding with Howard College 2021-2022 HC IC MOU