Classes currently offered by HOWARD COLLEGE BIG SPRING
    through IRION COUNTY HS
      High School Credit .5 credits each
     College Credit 3 hours each
     Speech    SPCH 1315
     US History Semester A     HIST 1301
      US History Semester B  HIST 1302
     English IV Semester A  ENGL 1301
     English IV Semester B    ENGL 1302
     Economics  ECON 2302
     Government  GOVT 2305
     Psychology  PSYC 2301
     Multimedia  IMED 1345
     Web Design  IMED 1316
     All of these classes, except two (IMED 1316 & 1345), require tuition to be paid to Howard College by the student! 
     Howard College Dual Credit has a new page with all the new information and links.... to apply for dual credit you must apply at Apply Texas......instructions are here at the Howard College Dual Credit website.....http://www.hcbigspring.com/
    Dual Credit Frequently Asked Questions provided by Texas Education Agency
    Howard College ADD/DROP Slip
    How to pay ONLINE through MYHC and Campus Connect