• Board of Trustee
    Vision Statement:
    Irion County ISD Believes that "Today is a GREAT Day to be a HORNET...Past, Present, and Future."

    Mission Statement:

    Irion County ISD believes that All Students will learn and be successful and we are committed to their

    success. Our ISD purpose is to Educate all students in reaching challenging levels of "Academic

    Achievement, while fostering wellness and positive growth in social/emotional behaviors in a beneficial

    culture and climate. We will utilize the Latest *Technology in *facilities that are *safe, secure and inviting.

    Irion County ISD will provide for their education while encouraging *community involvement and will base

    the total educational experience on sound *financial decision making.




    Vicente O. Flores -  President

    Chad Casey - Vice President

    Maegin Carlile- Secretary

    Ricky Rey

    Wade Miller

    Ashley Hill

    Chad Koonce

    Irion County ISD will have:
    Student Achievement- Irion County ISD will provide an educational program that is student-centered and academically focused to meet the individual needs of all students. Irion County ISD students will continue to be taught by a highly qualified staff, with all necessary resources and collaboration opportunities available.
    1.) The District, as well as each campus, will strive to reach the highest
    level possible on the state A-F Accountability Rating System.
    2.) IC will continue to target areas of need, as noted through, but not
    limited to, standardized testing results.
    3.) IC will continue to develop C.T.E. Programs that further student
    4.) IC will continue to research and obtain the latest academic curriculum,
    technology and staff development available.
    Facilities- Irion County ISD will have facilities, equipment, and grounds that are clean, safe, and promote community and school pride.
    1.) IC will develop a short range and long range facility plan.
    2.) IC will continue with short term facility upgrades.
    3.) IC will research bond package(s), as needed, and seek out pro-
    fessional expertise as it relates to future building projects on an
    as-needed basis.
    Community Relations- Irion County ISD will communicate with all stakeholders to ensure that parents and community members will be partners in the education of all students in ICISD. The district will continue to provide programs that promote school unity through the fostering of spirit, pride, character, and tradition of excellence in both school and community.
    1.) IC will reach out to the community via the school website, Facebook,
    DOJO and other electronic media.
    2.) IC will continue to use the Black-Board parent communication system.
    3.) IC will continue with Community Involvement events such as Open
    House, Meet the Hornets, and the Fall Festival etc......
    4.) IC will continue to utilize the Site-Base Decision making Committee
    as a sounding board for District decisions.
    Technology- Irion County ISD will utilize the latest technology and analyze future technology needs to support and enhance academic instruction, management of administrative services, and outreach to the community.
    1.) IC will research, purchase and update classroom technology each
    year and budget accordingly.
    2.) IC will look toward the global market and the latest technological
    tends to enhance the learning experience.
    3.) IC will continue the use of the "parent portal" as a means to
    utilize technology for guardians.
    4.) IC will form a staff committee to oversee and direct technology
    Finance- Irion County ISD will be fiscally responsible while
    maintaining the intangibles necessary to make the students
    of IC successful.
    1.) IC will strive to maintain the "Superior Recognition" on the
    F.I.R.S.T. report.
    2.) IC will adopt a budget based on sound principles, in line with the
    needs of our students, in a fiscally responsible fashion. Our goal will be
    to look at "long term" fiscal needs and trends and prepare accordingly.
    A balanced budget on a yearly basis in what we will strive toward, knowing
    that there are many factors that will drive the end results.
    3.) IC will contract with a financial audit company and complete an audit
    on a yearly basis.
    4.) IC will make every effort to comply with state and federal mandates as
    they regard to financial responsibility.
    Safety and Security- Irion County ISD will provide a safe and secure learning environment.
    1.) IC will continue with the camera surveillance system, proximity door entries and other physical plant security upgrades.
    2.) IC will continue with the BlackBoard Emergency Parent Notification System.
    3.) IC will maintain inter-local agreements with governmental agencies and maintain the IC Emergency Response Guardian Team, with periodic drills specifically for these related groups.
    4.) IC will offer periodic training to students and staff on safety related issues including, but not limited to: fire drills, lockdown drills, active shooter drills, evacuation drills, severe weather drills, as well as counseling as it relates to mental health.
    5.) IC will maintain the bus and transportation fleet in an appropriate fashion and update as needed.