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Vision Statement

Irion County ISD Believes that "Today is a GREAT Day to be a HORNET...Past, Present, and Future."

Mission Statement

Irion County ISD believes that All Students will learn and be successful and we are committed to their success.

Elementary Pledge

Today I will do more than I have to. I will treat others the way that I want to be treated. I will be the best that I can be because I am a person of character.


It's a great day to be a Hornet!

Employee Spotlight

Even though she seems quiet and reserved, Mrs. Rojo brings a spark to our district that is often overlooked.  Her crazy, fun ideas always lead to an educational experience that her students will never forget.  She may seem like a trickster, but Mrs. Rojo provides unwavering
Mrs. Shannon Rojo- Kindergarten Teacher
This week's staff spotlight goes out to Stephanie Middleton.  You will never meet a more patient and creative teacher of our tiniest Hornets.  The opportunities she brings to our students are immense, and the time she puts into making sure our students have the best learning
Mrs. Stephanie Middleton- PreK-4 Teacher
Nothing starts a day off brighter or a visit to the elementary office than being greeted by Mrs. Heather Miller.  The patience and kindness that exudes from her only helps to make our students, parents, and staff feel welcome and at peace.  She truly exhibits a servant’s heart, and we are so blessed to have her as the face of our school!  Thank you for being the glue that holds us all together Mrs. Miller!
Mrs. Heather Miller, Elementary Secretary
Mrs. Whitlow's dedication to her role is unparalleled. With a warm smile and an ever-helpful attitude, she ensures the smooth functioning of day-to-day operations at ICHS. From managing schedules, organizing special events such as senior night and graduation, to handling inquiries, Ms. Whitlow's organizational prowess keeps the school running seamlessly.
Mrs. Nell Whitlow, Secondary Secretary
Felicia Gryder is our district employee spotlight recipient this week because of her positive attitude and willingness to do whatever it takes to make our district run smoothly.  Whether it is managing all of our online learning programs or on YouTube learning how to fix our computers, she is always working to make sure our teachers can do their jobs.  She has also taken on the new role of PR coordinator to a whole new level.  Thank you for all of your behind the scenes work!
Mrs. Felicia Gryder- PR Coordinator/ InstructionalTech
Ms. Miller is more than just a keeper of books—she's a cherished figure in the Hornet Nation known for her unwavering dedication and caring demeanor. With her warm personality and genuine interest in students' well-being, She has cultivated a loving relationship with students that extends far beyond the library walls. As the heart of the school's literary hub, she goes above and beyond to create a welcoming and nurturing environment for students. Her passion for reading and learning is contagious, inspiring students to explore new worlds through literature and develop a lifelong love of reading.
Mrs. Debra Miller- IC Librarian
Coach Moorhead has come in to Irion County and hit the ground running! Not only has she coached multiple sports, she has prepared and taught multiple science classes. Even when she is out of the classroom for coaching responsibilities, the kids are still learning with pre-planned, hands-on activities. Thank you Coach Moorhead for remaining supportive, informative and prepared this year!
Coach Samantha Moorhead, Secondary Science Teacher and Coach
Mrs. Dombroski contributes to our school and district in numerous ways.  Whenever there is a need for a gate worker, UIL judge, ESL coordinator, Mrs. Dombroski sees a need and fills it.  She is also the ultimate co-worker to have because she never misses celebrating those around her (birthdays, showers, all the things!).  We would be lost without her clarifying and helping with ever detail, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for Mrs. Dombroski.
Mrs. Dombroski- First Grade Math Teacher
At Irion County High School, we are fortunate to have a team of outstanding paraprofessionals who go above and beyond every day to support our students and educators. This month, we are shining the spotlight on four incredible members of our team: Ms. Rico, Ms. Billington, Ms. Flores, and Ms. Osborn. Each of these ladies embodies the spirit of dedication, innovation, and care that makes Irion County High School a special place. We are grateful for their hard work, their passion, and their commitment to our students.
Ms. Flores, Mrs.Osborn, Mrs. Rico, Mrs. Billington
spotlight group
In honor of Maintenance Worker Day, we would like to highlight our maintenance crew. From coming in early to staying late, this crew makes sure our facilities are immaculate. Many times all their work is done behind the scenes, so recognizing them is extremely important. We appreciate all their hard work which makes our day to day so much easier.
ICISD Maintenance Crew-Tracy,Sally,Karl, Emma,Angela, George
If you ever wonder whose car is parked in the elementary lot evenings, nights, weekends, and all summer, it is more than likely Mrs. Darla Tillman.  No one is more dedicated than our queen of science and amazing puns.  Mrs. Tillman is always implementing fun, exciting experiments, activities and adventures with our students.  From dancing and singing to sporting the most humorous socks and t-shirts, there is never a dull moment, and we would be living in a dark, sad world without Mrs. Tillman.  Thank you for everything you do for students and school culture!
Mrs. Darla Tillman- Elementary Science Teacher
Mrs. Lamar consistently demonstrates a passion for mathematics and a dedication to fostering a positive learning environment. Her innovative teaching methods and ability to connect with students have significantly contributed to the success and enthusiasm of those in her class. She has played a crucial role in mentoring students involved in academic competitions. Her tireless efforts in preparing students for UIL mathematics, calculator, computer science and accounting events have not only enhanced their academic skills but have also instilled a sense of pride and achievement.
Mrs. Lena Lamar-Secondary Math and Computer Science Teacher
Quiet, thoughtful, dependable, and awesome are all words that describe Ms. Neader, but her real talent is working with students in a patient and caring manner. I have never witnessed her frustrated or angry, even during the most difficult situations. She is going to make a great educator one day, and we are beyond blessed to have her at our district.
Mrs. Shelby Neader- Elementary Instructional Aide
His exceptional dedication and contributions to the Hornet Nation have significantly impacted our school community. His commitment to fostering a positive and competitive team culture has not only led to on-court success but has also instilled valuable life skills in our student-athletes. n the classroom, Coach Morrow's passion for US & Texas History resonates with his students.
Coach John Morrow, Interim Athletic Dir./ Teacher
Beyond being the most organized and prepared person on the planet, Mrs. McNett goes above and beyond for her students and our staff each and every day.  You will often see her toting around two precious boys (a baby girl on the way!) to all of the Irion County events and helping out wherever she can.  We are beyond blessed to have such an amazing educator in our district!
Mrs. Karli Mcnett- Elementary 5/6 Math Teacher
Mrs. Green is a clear Behind-the-scenes worker. Not only does she work hard with her secondary students, she also includes the elementary students in her work. While Mrs. Green can be tough, she continues to push HER STUDENTS to meet the high expectations that they are capable of meeting.
Mrs. Amber Green-Secondary ELA Teacher
With a new year and many changes and requests, George has stepped up and done everything asked of him and his team! Many days George is here early and stays late. Thank you for being a great behind-the-scenes leader!
Mr. George McDowell-Maintenance Director
Mrs. Jackson takes on great responsibility in the classroom and beyond for our district. She cooks at HEB camp, makes the best cakes, helps our students with unique needs, and works hard to help fundraise for the 6th grade trip.  She takes on many roles within the district.
Mrs. Alexis Jackson-Special Education Teacher
For his exceptional dedication to our student athletes and his outstanding contributions in his history classroom. Coach Harrison’s passion for teaching and mentoring shines brightly, making a significant impact on the lives of both his students and athletes.
Coach Shawn Harrison-Head FB Coach/History Teacher
In addition to the ins-and-outs of purchasing and assisting with financial business matters, she has taken on extra duties to help support athletic booster club. Her open-door policy has allowed for all staff to come over and ask questions about their budgets and purchases.
Mrs. Lashonda Crutchfield-Administrative Assistant
Ms. B-Hughes has been so diligent about her school duties, UIL duties, and after school duties.  Even when she is thrown added work and new tasks, she smiles and takes it in stride.  We are so grateful to have someone on our staff who goes above and beyond for our students!
Mrs. Benningfield-Hughes- Art /Elem Educational Aide
Ms B
Our rock star band director who is taking our marching band to state & who works with students early on to cultivate their love for music. In addition to his musical talents, he's an amazing transportation director, making sure our busses and vehicles are up and running!
Mr. Brian Tillman-Band and Transportation Director
Mrs. Councilman takes on HEB camp and works hard to provide our students with a fun, educational experience that will stick with them for life. She works just as hard preparing her kiddos in the classroom and for UIL. Thanks for being an awesome educator!
Mrs. Kelli Councilman- 5/6 ELAR Teacher
Mr. Gonzalez, dedicated Spanish teacher, who consistently demonstrates classroom excellence and a commitment to empowering our community. He dedicates his time after hours to teach English classes to the community. His dedication and passion inspires us all!
Mr. Joel Gonzalez- Secondary Spanish Teacher
mr g
Ms. Leslyn Hight consistently sets the bar high when it comes to student expectations and the joy of learning. Her unwavering commitment to excellence in education is truly commendable. Her classroom is a place where challenges are embraced.
Ms. Leslyn Hight -Secondary ELAR Teacher
Nurse Gina is caring with still being conscientious of making sure students are aware of their academic responsibilities.
Nurse Gina- Irion County ISD Nurse
Mrs. Miller - always positive-Great outlook for the 23-24 school year-adapted to schedule and is flexible with change.
Mrs. Kristy Miller-Cafeteria Director
Mr. Garza has taken on 2nd grade with a great attitude and done an amazing job. From reading stories with all the voices to creating an adventurous camping atmosphere, students in his class feel cared for and excited to learn.
Mr. Edmund Garza-2nd Grade ELAR
Coach Blocker has a positive attitude. He is eager to learn and improve, as well as being open to constructive feedback. he cares about the students and their growth.
Coach Wes Blocker-Secondary Science teacher and Coach
"Thank you for teaching these kids real life skills! You are the best! everyone at IC needs to take these classes" -Kendal Kay
Mr. James Green- Ag and Shop Teacher
Mr. Green


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