District of Innovation

Irion County ISD a District of Innovation


 Innovation Plan


District Advisory Committee:


Ray Despain , Superintendent

Shannon Chapman, Secondary Principal

Jessica Parker, Elementary Principal

LeAnn Rutherford, Counselor

Brandon Gryder, Secondary Parent

Kristi Rainey, Elementary Parent

Michelle Elkins, Secondary Parent

Natalie Harris, Secondary Parent

Jesse Whitlow, Community Business Leader

Tracy Conner, Secondary Teacher

Melissa Hart, Secondary Teacher

Brian Tillman, Secondary Teacher

Diane Heflin, Elementary Teacher

Alexis Jackson, Elementary Teacher

Kelli Councilman, Elementary Teacher

Jamie Tankersley, Elementary Parent

Marty James, Secondary Parent

Heather Miller, Secondary Parent

Santiago Ibarra, Community Business Leader


District of Innovation Timeline:


January 16, 2017

Informational item at Irion County Independent School Board meeting


February 15, 2017

Initial meeting Administrative Team to discuss District of Innovation


February 20, 2017

Board of Trustees approve resolution to hold a public hearing to discuss the possibility of becoming a District of Innovation


March 20, 2017

Board holds public meeting and appoints committee


April 10, 2017

Committee meets to develop plan


April 24, 2017         

Committee meets to finalize plan 


May 15, 2017    

Committee presents Plan to Board; Board votes to notify Commissioner of intent to adopt


May 15, 2017

Plan posted on District website for 30 days


June 5, 2017

District of Innovation Committee Public Meeting to pass plan by majority vote


June 19, 2017    

Board votes on plan – 2/3 vote required